In total to date I have written 6 books, and numerous book chapters.books table1

books table2

Research and professional practice publications

Selected recent research publications include:

  • Cotterill, S. T., & Cheetham, R. (2017). The Experiences of Captaincy in Professional Sport: The Case of Elite Professional Rugby. European Journal of Sport Science, 17(2), 215-221. 
  • Cotterill, S. T. (2016). Developing leadership skills in sport: A case study of elite cricketers. Case Studies in Sport and Exercise Psychology.
  • Cotterill, S. T., & Fransen, K. (2016). Leadership in team sports: Current understanding and future directions. International Review of Sport and Exercise Psychology, 9(1), 116-133.
  • Cotterill, S. T., & Discombe, R. (2016). Enhancing decision-making in sport: Current understanding and future directions. Sport and Exercise Psychology Review, 12(1), 54-68.
  • Cotterill, S. T. (2014). Preparing for performance: Strategies adopted across performance domains. The Sport Psychologist. 29, 158-170 doi: 10.1123/tsp.2014-0035
  • Cotterill, S. T., & Symes, R. (2014). Integrating social media and new technologies into your practice as a sport psychology consultant. Sport & Exercise Psychology Review, 10(1), 55-64.

Journal articles

A full list of research and professional practice publications is available here.


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